Bob Vila Walk-In Tubs

Reviewer: Aaron Creighton | December 3, 2018 | Walk-In Tubs Buyers Guide

You already know the name and the face, but just in case, Bob Vila is a home repair and remodel expert. Bob Vila’s walk-in tub marketplace matches you with trusted professional installers in your area so you can shop local, trusted providers of walk-in-tubs and walk-in-tub services.

Bob Vila Walk-In Tubs

4.7 Overall Score


Rather than go directly to a major brand, Bob Vila connects you to trusted technicians who can help you choose and install your perfect tub for less.

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✓ Competitive Prices

✓ Supports Local Small Businesses

✓ Trusted Plumbers and Installers

✓ Highest customer Reviews

✓ Bargains and Price Comparisons


✕ Does not Offer Financing Directly

About Bob Vila Walk-In Tub Marketplace

With more than 30 years experience in the home improvement and home product industry, Bob Vila

offers trusted brands, feature, and price shopping on its walk-in tub marketplace and has helped thousands of customers shop and purchase safe, affordable, walk-in tubs. You’ve seen Bob on TV for years, and he knows what he’s talking about. He has translated his ability to connect with audiences into connecting the best installers and products with the best customers.

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Bob Vila Walk-In Tub Shopping

The Bob Vila walk-in-tub marketplace is a great place to compare prices, read reviews of installers, and identify which features and needs you might need in your walk-in tub.

The site is easy to use with large type and lots of pictures. Also, customer service is friendly, informative, and were happy to point us in the right direction when we had questions. With so much information available, it gave this reviewer peace of mind to have a trusted name verify the reputation and skill of local walk-in tub installer in my area.

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Final Thoughts

Bob Vila

 Walk-In Tubs is an excellent choice for consumers looking for extra assistance when it comes to purchasing their walk-in tub. Bob Vila’s marketplace is a safe bet to compare the best walk-in tub brands in the United States. The marketplace is great for comparing prices, features, and qualified installers.

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