Reviewer: Stacey Christiansen | February 13, 2019 | Credit Score Management Guide

ClickFreeScore is a credit report provider that provides all three bureaus’ credit scores with the click of a button. They also offer daily credit monitoring, credit alerts, and even roadside assistance as part of their premium version.


4.7 Overall Score


ClickFreeScore ranks highest in customer satisfaction and service with their easy website and approachable representatives.

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✓ Credit monitoring and alerts

✓ Mobile app for easy access

✓ Identity theft insurance

✓ 3 credit scores and reports

✓ Toll-free customer support

✓ 7 day free trial


✕ Monthly fee for premium benefits

About ClickFreeScore

ClickFreeScore is for anyone who wants to get all three bureau scores quickly and easily. If you need additional benefits like credit monitoring and protection, these are available too as part of the premium package. Customer service reviews are high and the website is easy to use and navigate. ClickFreeScore makes our top 3 pick for these reasons and the quality of the information they provide.

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Other Top Credit Score Services for 2019

Your credit score is an important part of your overall financial health. Responsibly managing your score is as important as managing your dollars and cents. If you’re good at monitoring your score already, you may not need extra help. But if you go for months at a time without checking your credit score, we recommend a credit monitoring service.

We’ve reviewed the best credit score evaluation and monitoring products and services based on accuracy, customer service, ease of use, and features. If ClickFreeScore doesn’t work for you, check out our other top picks below.

Best Overall Credit Service

Credit Sesame


Credit Sesame – Full Review > >

Credit Sesame is our top overall pick whether you’re looking for a quick credit score or comprehensive monitoring, everything is FREE.

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Best Identity Protection



FreeScore360- Full  Review >>

FreeScore360 is our top security pick for included identity theft insurance.

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