Level Mattress Review

Reviewer: Tyler Kelly| March 12, 2019| Online Mattress Shopping Guide

We found that the Level Sleep mattress is the best all-around mattress if you fall into these three categories:

  1. People suffering from pain (back, shoulder, neck, hip)
  2. Side sleepers
  3. Back sleepers

The beauty of the Level Sleep mattress lies within it’s patented TriSupport system. The TriSupport system alleviates pain and discomfort while sleeping by providing different levels of support for three distinct parts of your body. Reducing pressure points and aligning your spine for less pain during the day and night.

TriSupport Firmness Levels:

  1. LEVELsoft – Absorbs your shoulder to help reduce discomfort
  2. LEVELfirm – Comfortably supports your lower back and side
  3. LEVELmedium – Contours to your hips and helps align them with your spine


Level Sleep

4.9 Overall Score


The Level Sleep mattress is the best mattress available for anyone who suffers from back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain…

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✓ Patented TriSupport® design is soft where you want it, firm where you need it with built in lumbar support

 Clinically tested and proven to reduce tossing and turning and morning stiffness

✓ Removable, washable cover with 4-way “recoveree” stretch

✓ 10” thick mattress • Easy delivery in a rolled-compressed mattresses that ships to your door

✓ Built with Energex
, unique, highly adaptive, temperature-responsive foam that is designed to adjust rapidly to individual comfort needs, providing ease of movement and excellent pressure relief

✓ 100% made in the USA with certified no chemical flame retardants, ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury or lead

Best in Clinical and Scientific Sleep Research

The Level Sleep mattress is the most researched and studied mattress of all we tested. The research is summarized below

Research On The TriSupport Design

Scientists tested the mattress for its effectiveness in reducing pain, improving sleep and daytime function versus other mattress designs, many of which date back to the turn of the century . In 2009, engineers of the TriSupport design commissioned a 30 person, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved, single-blind sleep trial, designed by Clete Kushida, M.D., PhD., in which study participants tested their current mattress against the TriSupport designed mattress. The results confirmed that the TriSupport concept was working—participants fell asleep more quickly, woke up with less pain and stiffness, and reported significantly more energy and sleep satisfaction on the TriSupport mattress.

Sleep Quality Improvement Results (Methodology); Statistical Significance

  • 55.5% reduction in Sleep Latency i.e. Time required to fall asleep (Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index); p-value: 0.001
  • 34.5% reduction in Tossing and Turning (Morning Rating Scales); p-value: 0.001
  • 17.2% reduction in Total body position shifts (Braebon Medibyte); p-value: 0.005
  • 30.0 % reduction in Awakenings (Morning ating Scales); p-value: 0.003
  • 24.5% increase in Quality of sleep rating (Sleep Journals); p-value: 0.001
  • 60.4 % increase in Sleep Satisfaction (Morning Rating Scales); p-value: 0.001

Daytime Function Improvement Results (Methodology); Statistical Significance

  • 53.7% reduction in morning stiffness (Morning Rating Scales); p-value: 0.001
  • 57.1% reduction in reported morning pain (Morning Rating Scales); p-value: 0.001
  • 62.5% reduction daytime dysfunction due to sleepiness (PSQI); p-value: 0.001
  • 43.2% reduction in Fatigue (Morning Rating Scales); p-value: 0.001

*Mattress study conducted with same patented design as current Level Sleep® mattress, but under a different brand name

Best Sleep Positions

The Level Sleep mattress is the best all-around mattress for people with varied sleep positions, though it is particularly good for side sleepers and back sleepers. The TriSupport system makes this mattress a solid choice for stomach sleepers as well. Additionally, we recommend this mattress to anyone suffering from hip, back, shoulder or arthritis pain.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

  • 1 Year Sleep Trial – This is a 365 day risk-free trial
  • Full Refund – Free shipping and returns if you aren’t satisfied in the first 365 days
  • Forever Warranty – Level guarantees this mattress for as long as you own it, the best warranty available anywhere 

Final Thoughts

The Level Sleep mattress was a surprise to our review team. It outperformed all other mattresses by a wide margin on comfort, value, quality and customer service. Anyone who has back, neck, shoulder or arthritis pain should consider this mattress a must have. If you don’t suffer from sleep pain, but sleep on your side or shoulder, we believe that this mattress is your best bet from keeping the pain at bay.

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