Reviewer: Tyler Kelly | March 16, 2019| Refinance Strategy Guide is a personal service for connecting consumers with the best possible mortgages. Answer some quick information about your home, then to speak with a representative from This representative will help answer all of your refinance questions, for free, and with no obligation to you.

4.9 Overall Score

★★★★★ offers a personal touch where you can always speak to an advisor for free and with no obligation.

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✓ Speak with a representative whose job is to find you the best loan

✓ No dealing exclusively with a website

✓ No obligations or fees for speaking with an advisor

✓ No pushy sales tactics


✕ Must submit personal details to MortgageAdvisor so that they can match you with the right loan

Final Thoughts is great for anyone who would prefer the personal touch of speaking with someone about their loan options early on in the buying process. A Mortgage Advisor can answer any questions you may have about refinancing your home, and what to expect in finding a lender. It’s nice to have allies like We recommend for the high level of professional customer service.

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Other Top Refinancing Providers for 2019

There are so many refinancing providers and options available that it can be difficult to narrow them down, but a few specific brands do stand out. If MortgageAdvisor isn’t right for you, here are a few of our other top picks:

Best Overall Refinance Partners

FHA Rate Guide


FHA Rate Guide Full Review >>

FHA Rate Guide is the best bet for anyone looking to lower their monthly payments or pay off their home early.

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Best for Small Lender Banking



LendingTree Full Review >>

LendingTree offers some of the best rates available, and since LendingTree operates online, you can get a quote in minutes and save on closing costs.

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