Nectar Mattress Review

Reviewer: Tyler Kelly| March 12, 2019| Online Mattress Shopping Guide

Nectar’s focus is providing the best night sleep of your life. We’ve reviewed dozens of customer reviews and long term sleep studies and the results are in: Nectar is making good on this promise.

Their materials are top quality, their warranty and sleep trial period are among the best, and the price is below many of their well-branded competitors.

A gel memory foam quilted cover and a layer of memory foam beneath allow the Nectar to contour to the sleeper’s body, without the uncomfortable sinking feeling that many people complain about with memory foam mattresses.

The gel memory foam used on the cover and the top of the mattress also provide a cool sleeping experience unusual to memory foam mattresses.

  • Cool Memory Foam
  • Medium Firmness
  • Back Sleepers


4.9 Overall Score


The Nectar team rallies around one simple promise: to deliverer the best sleep of your life, guaranteed. In our estimation they deliver on that promise…

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✓ High-density memory foam mattress priced lower than competitors

✓ Free shipping in contiguous U.S. and White Glove option

✓ 365-night sleep trial and forever warranty

✓ Financing available

✓ Premium luxury materials

✓ Good conforming and motion isolation

Exceptionally low transfer

✓ More bounce than most memory foam beds

✓ Good support around the edges


✕ Some reported issues with customer service

✕ Some complaints of sleeping hot

✕ Some complaints of the product being too firm

Best Sleep Positions

Nectar mattresses are great for light and average weight sleepers no matter how they prefer to sleep. This also makes the Nectar a great mattress for anyone who needs a mattress for a couple with different sleep styles. And as one of the more supportive memory foam mattresses, it’s great for heavy back sleepers as well.

The only group that may want a firmer mattress would be heavier people (think greater than 235 lbs) who prefer sleeping on their stomach.

Sleep Trial and Warranty

  • 1 Year Sleep Trial
  • Full Refund
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Final Thoughts

The quality of this mattress surprised our team. The price of this mattress is lower than its direct competitors, so we expected lower quality. However, we found that this mattress uses high quality materials and craftsmanship as good as any competitor, at a lower price. Better still, Nectar matches industry leading sleep trial and warranties.

This is a great mattress for anyone who loves the feel of memory foam, but not sinking into foam like quicksand or the extra heat that is typically associated with an all-foam mattress. Motion isolation is exceptional with this bed as well, despite the cooler foam gel. If you don’t want to feel your partner tossing and turning during the night, this is a great bed.

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