Spark ProCam Hidden Cameras

Reviewer: Aaron Creighton | March 21, 2018 | Home Security System Buyers Guide

Spark ProCam gives you the power to monitor your own home without expensive installation costs or high monthly subscription fees. Record any illegal or suspicious activity in your home and view later with this hidden camera that hides in plain site.

Spark ProCam

4.7 Overall Score


DIY home surveillance with discreet hidden camera…

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✓ Simple and Easy to Install

✓ No Subscription Required

✓ Discreet Hiding in Plain Sight

✓ Place on Any Wall Outlet

✓ Powerful 1080p HD Video


✕ No Live Monitoring Capabilities

About Spark ProCam

The Spark ProCam is for anyone who wants to take security and surveillance into their own hands. This tiny hidden camera activates with a motion detector and records everything in its wide 140 degree view. It looks like an ordinary wall charger, and functions as one too, but will additionally record everything it sees for your peace of mind.

Security and Surveillance Uses for Spark ProCam:

  • Home and Office Security
  • Monitoring Children
  • Tracking Employees
  • Personal Surveillance

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Spark ProCam Security & Surveillance Features:

Simple and Easy to Install (plug it in)

Discreet Hiding in Plain Sight

Place on Any Wall Outlet

Powerful 1080p HD Video

Motion Detector Starts Recording

Automatically Writes Oldest Video

Final Thoughts

Spark’s ProCam is a great camera for people who have light security and surveillance needs and don’t want to pay for installation or high monthly subscription fees. It is built well with high quality materials and the latest technology. Additionally, this camera is priced well below the cost of competing security cameras.

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